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  1. Fan runs on cold engine -img-
    Honda, Accord LX, 1995
  2. Wheel vibration - can not balance the tires
    Toyota, Avalon, 2001
  3. ABS, Turn Signals, Heater, and Power Windows
    Honda, Passport, 2000
  4. after startup car shakes when in neutral and gas is pressed
    Honda, Prelude Si, 1989
  5. car keeps dying while driving
    Acura, Legend, 1995
  6. Coolant for 1999 Toyota Camry
    Toyota, Camry LE, 1999
  7. I have a 94 integra with an overheating issue.
    Acura, Integra, 1994
  8. The engine judders and gets worse over months to the point where the idling is errati..
    Ford, Focus, 2006
  9. Engine spotter
    Honda, Jazz, 2003
  10. How can I locate my IAT sensor wires?
    Toyota, 4Runner, 2008
  11. Transmission and starting problems
    Acura, CL, 2001
  12. White smoke coming out of the tail pipe..
    Acura, Legend, 1992
  13. i have a h23 engine, i put the distributor wires on backwards..
    Honda, Prelude, 1995
  14. Accord has boot fulling with water? -img-
    Honda, Accord, 2006
  15. My 04 MDX has a CEL light & occasional VTM-4 light that keeps coming on.
    Acura, MDX, 2004
  16. My 98 Accord won't start. -img-
    Honda, Accord, 1998
  17. I was first told head gasket is gone
    Acura, CL, 2003
  18. Engine turns over but wont start.
    Subaru, Legacy, 1992
  19. Trying to replace starter motor on a 95 Honda Accord
    Honda, Accord, 1995
  20. will bad front lower control arm bushings give my 2000 integra excessive negative cam..
    Acura, Integra, 2000
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